Story Keepers reimagines the Greatest Story Ever Told

A resource that helps young people to enter into the exciting world of biblical storytelling, to hear the stories of Jesus as a vivid retelling for the first time.

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Bringing the Gospel into the heart of family life

How this book works…

1. Download the free ‘CityBibles’ app in the App Store or Google Play

2. Open the app and select your language

3. Click on the ‘scan pictures’ button: your camera application will now be open.

4. Hold the camera above the pictures marked with a marker, just like the one below. When you scan the picture you will see a ‘play button’ above the picture. Press the ‘play button’ to start the video

The videos are from the acclaimed Storykeepers series, a story of early Christians under Roman rule which re-tells much of the gospel of Mark (and Luke) as their adventures unfold.


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